Obama and McCain?

Out of all the candidates running, I think Barack Obama and John McCain are the best choices.  It’s not that I particularly like either candidate, but I can certainly see what each has to offer.

Barack is young, he’s personable and he’s intelligent.  The guy is a cross between JFK and Bill Clinton, in my mind, and would probably be a President which foreign leaders and nations like.  The downside is that once Obama gets into the oval office, he’ll find that there are things he will have to do which will not be popular amongst the masses.  It’s the nature of the game, you can’t please everyone all the time.
McCain is experienced, a Vietnam War vet and ex-pow.  John has been in politics for over 20 years.  He knows how to play the game and whether I like the man or not… he always seemed to be a straight shooter.  McCain isn’t bogged down by the politics of his party and never was.  The word Maverick suits McCain just fine.  His downside is that he will also have to do things which he doesn’t really want to do or that everyone will like.

The fact is that no matter who gets into office, they will end up doing things I disagree with and they will do things I agree with.  This is a fact of life and I don’t expect any president to always do things which appeases my sensibilities.  Such is life and it’s something I learned to live with many years ago.

Last year I predicted Hillary will drop out of the race sometime around the end of May or early July.  I have not changed that belief for I’ve seen nothing to indicate otherwise.  It is not the words of Hillary, or her detractors, which will dictate whether she stays in or not… it will be a combination of whether she feels she has a real shot at the oval office and how much pressure the democratic party places on her to quit. That won’t be determined until closer to the Democratic Convention, but for right now I applaud her for not dropping out… she’d be stupid if she did.  It’s very possible that she can derail the Obama Love Train and assume the helm of the Democratic Presidential candidate.  We shall have to wait and see for time will tell.


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