Paris and Benji on the rise

On Wednesday the 14th of May, 2008 at about 6:58 AM PDT; I posted the following article to my blog at Ashmadai’s Web log:

Paris Hilton To Wed Benji
May 14, 2008 by ashmadai
Paris Hilton’s Parents: Benji Already Like Family

Paris and Benji

Tuesday April 15, 2008 04:45 PM EDT
Last week Paris Hilton took to the Web to announce her loving feelings for boyfriend Benji – and now her parents are gushing the same sentiments.
They also have given him the green light to join the clan, says the socialite’s mother.
“This has honestly become the real thing,” Kathy Hilton, 49, tells Vegas Luxe Life blog. “It’s a great love match, and I have a funny feeling it’s going to go all the way, and we’ve already given it our approval.”
Added husband Rick Hilton, 52: “He’s the perfect example of ‘don’t judge a book by its cover.’ He’s polite, well mannered – he’s even housebroken, unlike most of Paris’ past boyfriends.”
Paris, 27, and Benji, 29, returned to the U.S. after a month of touring Europe and South Africa with Madden’s pack. Since getting together in February, the couple have rarely left each other’s sides and wear rings on their engagement fingers of the other’s initials.
“Their life has never been better,” Kathy Hilton tells Robin Leach, who wrote the Vegas Luxe Life blog. “We agree with Paris that he is amazing… He’s changed her life, and I really think she’s genuinely in love for the first time.”

Approximately 12 hours after I posted the blog entry on my site, Sexy Social Marketing posted my story to Jack Humphrey’s Friday Morning Traffic Report (aka Social Marketing Central). This was about 7:00 PM on the 14th of May. At the time of Sexy’s post, I was ranked 4 on the Google Blog Search for Paris Hilton. It was not long after she posted that I responded to her, but before replying I rechecked Google’s Blog Search and found I dropped to number 5 under Paris Hilton, but I was number 1 on Page 1 under Paris Hilton to wed Benji.

Chris Lang joined in on the conversation and he told me to save my stats on this so that we could have a sort of before and after comparison, so a little before 8 PM PDT I began making screen shots and saving my stats. I also saved screenshots from Google’s search engine for the placement of my blog article.

To start off with, this image is from the Stats section on the first page of the Dashboard on my Ashmadai WordPress Blog site:


As you can see, the image was taken around 8:14 PM on Wednesday the 14th of May, 2008. That is about 13 hours and 15 minutes after I first posted the Blog entry. It shows the Paris Hilton Parody post with 14 views.

This next image is from my Stats from WordPress, also. It’s the section called Top Posts & Pages. This table tells us which posts got the most traffic for yesterday and today. Today it shows the Paris Hilton post at 16 views. Yesterday the top post was The Anatomy of the Lie with 3 views. This also shows the Paris Hilton post with 1 view for yesterday, but I didn’t post this 24 hours ago on the site… I posted it around 7 AM this morning, Pacific Time in the US. That means on the East Coast it was 10 AM today. So I wonder how it figures yesterday, unless WordPress up-dates in the early to mid morning period.

It’s plain to see that about 13 ¼ hours later, the Paris Hilton post drove up my number of views over 5 times the highest number of views for yesterday. That’s pretty impressive, or pretty sad, I am not sure which.

Let’s look at the Top Posts & Pages table:


This next item is called Search Engine Terms, it shows us the terms people use to find my blog. Today the keyword used the most to find my blog was Paris Hilton.


Next we have my Blog Stats: The total views I have had (to date) is 97 views. The best day was Tuesday the 22nd of April. Today’s views around 8 PM to 8:15 was 17. Don’t worry, the day is still young… the old record could shatter with a resounding crash… I have faith in the Paris Hilton fans who are hungry to know her every move. Then again it wouldn’t be the first time I misplaced my trust in others.


I’ve decided to not show my full stats page, for one reason the writing would be so small that it would be useless. Another reason is that I already posted a goodly part of the information. So let’s move on to other things.

I also will not post my tracking program images, instead I’ll create a table that will be easier to read. This tracking information was screen shot at 8 PM PDT.

Paris Paris Hilton Paris Hilton to wed Benji
Google – / – -/- 5/7
Yahoo – / – – / – – / –
MSN – / – – / – – / –
GoogleUK – / – – / – 6/7
AOL – / – – / – – / –

Note: the first number is the rank, the second number is the page. Therefore on Google I was the fifth entry on page 7, on GoogleUK I was the 6th entry on page 7.

Remember, this was according to my tracking program and not the Google Search. I then went and did some screenshots of the Google Search, the time was about 8:30 PM on the 14th of May. It was now about 13 ½ hours since I first posted the Blog entry. What I found was the following data.

On a web search at Google I did not find my article listed under Paris Hilton in the first 500 entries (the first 50 Pages, however I did find it as the 2nd entry on page 6 (number 62) under Paris Hilton to wed Benji. This surprised me because I thought I wouldn’t find it under either listing in the Web Search. Take a look at the screen shot:


Next, I went to Google’s Blog Search. Under the keywords Paris Hilton, I found my article as the 2nd entry on Page 1. This means it was ranked number 2. In a matter of about 1 to 2 hours I jumped from number 5 to number 2. Take a look at the screen shot:


I then search the keywords of Paris Hilton to wed Benji. This was also in Google’s Blog Search. I found my article at number 1 on page 1. I was the top ranked blog post for that search term. Take a look at the screen shot:


At 10 PM PDT, I ran my tracking program and found

Paris Paris Hilton Paris Hilton to wed Benji Change
Google – / – -/- 4/7 +1
Yahoo – / – – / – – / –
MSN – / – – / – – / –
GoogleUK – / – – / – 2/7 +4
AOL – / – – / – – / –

Over a period of about 2 hours, my rankings in Google went up +1 and +4.

According to my Blog stats, I have 108 views now, the best day ever was the 15th of May with 28. As a search term, Paris has 11 views. I have 5 referrers today. Finally Paris Hilton to wed Benji got 25 views.

I did a Google web search for Paris Hilton to wed Benji, I see I am number 64 now. I dropped two slots there. Paris Hilton to Wed Beni is also number 1 on Blog Search under Paris Hilton to wed Benji and it’s number 2 under Paris Hilton.

Tomorrow I will add to this in order to show the new changes.


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