Paris Parody II – Update on Study:

On Wednesday, the 14th of May in the year 2008, I posted a parody of the news article Paris Hilton’s Parents: Benji Already Like Family and called it Paris To Wed Benji. I estimated the time of the original posting to be a little before 7AM. We employed some of Chris Lang’s techniques and observations to promote the article during the afternoon on the 14th and last night a small group of us began analyzing the data..

Tonight, approximately 24 hours after Chris told me to make screen shots of some of the items like the stats, I took another set of screenshots. Last night I took this screenshot of my WordPress Stats graph:

Tonight I took the following screenshot of my Graph:

This graph comparison shows how the Paris Hilton to wed Benji post spiked my ratings. Tomorrow we will take another look to see how the graph looks.

I then made several screenshots of my full WordPress Stats page. These screenshots are portions of that huge image I have saved on my computer. This next section are the screenshots I took for my Blog Stats yesterday and Today:

14 May, 2008 at 8 PM PDT

15 May, 2008 at 8 PM PDT

As you can see, my total views were 97 – today they tally 141. This is an increase of 44 views and those views do not include my views. The old record for best day was on April 22nd with 20 views – today my best views ever was 56, making today my best day for people viewing my blog. Once again, my views are not added in with these stats.

Here is my chart for Referrers (to my site):

Note that this list of Referrers is not for the purpose of determining a “Before Paris Post” and “After Paris Post” comparison, all of these referrers are a result of my Paris Hilton Weds Benji post to my Blog.

I suppose the next item to show is my charts for Yesterday and Today for the Top Posts & Pages charts. These charts shows the number of views, which we can compare, but I think it’s important to note that the screenshots of both charts were made “After” the post was uploaded to my blog. Let’s take a look and see what has changed in the past 24 hours or so since that upload:

14 May, 2008 at 8 PM PDT

15 May, 2008 at 8 PM PDT

There was a definite change, there is no reasonable doubt to the claim that the Paris Hilton To Wed Benji post didn’t elevate my number of views to my blog. It is also important to note that none of these figures includes my visits to my Blog Site.

Now let’s talk about the Web and Blog Searches. Tonight, about 10:30 PM PDT, I noticed Google changed it’s look for the Blog Search. It is now is orange where it was Blue last night. I won’t explain further, you’ll see the changes.

This is a Web Search under the search term of Paris Hilton to wed Benji.

Notice that I ranked about number 55 on this search. I also found entries about my blog item, which linked to my article, at numbers 1, 17, 21, 52 and 57. As I recall one was a duplicate entry. It should be noted that I did a Web Search for my article under the search term of Paris Hilton and found not one entry in over 923 entries. (92 Pages).

I then went to Blog Search on Google, above I commented on the color change… take a look and you’ll see what I mean.

What you see is that under the search term of Paris Hilton, I ranked number 10 on Blog Search. This is something to get a little excited over because I am not a Paris Hilton fan blog, nor am I a celebrity fan blog… yet I beat out dozens of newer postings made by such sites which did have Paris Hilton in their site titles and blog entries. This gave me a strong feeling that Chris Lang’s SEO tactics works… but let’s finish the study to see if we can determine that once and for all.

Next thing I did was search the Blog Search with the search term Paris Hilton to wed Benji.

As you can see, I ranked number 3 on Page 1. I am the 3rd highest ranked entry under that search term. The entry above mine is Chris Lang’s Propeller submittal. I feel pretty good that it took someone like Propeller to take my number 2 slot away.

The next image is of my Blog Search under the term of Paris Hilton and Benji. I didn’t use this term yesterday, it came as a result of my posting of the analysis follow up of the article I posted to my blog on Paris Hilton to wed Benji. What we see is that I am ranked 16 (Chris’ post on Propeller is number 13).

I’ll keep my eye on this one too, this analysis might be taken off the blog, but it will probably continue for a couple of days just to get a bead upon whether the tactics for SEO work or not. Well let’s take a look at the image:

What we found out, by doing the Web Search and Blog Search is the following:

Search Term Web Search Blog Search
Paris Hilton Not listed/Not Listed 2/10
Paris Hilton to wed Benji 62/55 1/3
Paris Hilton and Benji Not Found/Not Found Not Checked/16

This chart is what all that information mean, I dropped 8 spots on Blog Search for Paris Hilton in the past 24 hours… however that was to be expected. I dropped 2 spots on the Blog Search for Paris Hilton to wed Benji. It should be noted that these terms went up and down all day long, but this is what it settled as at the 24 hour mark. What does surprise me is that I rose 7 spots on the Web Search for Paris Hilton to wed Benji search term. I figured I’d drop like a rock. I’ll have to ask Chris about this later to see if we can figure out why I am pretty stable there.

The only tracking results that displayed rankings for the search terms I used in the article on my blog came from Google and GoogleUK, for that reason I am going to ignore the other search engines. The chart below shows last night’s and tonight’s readings:

Google GoogleUK
Last Night Tonight Last Night Tonight
Paris – / – – / – – / – – / –
Paris Hilton – / – – / – – / – – / –
Paris Hilton and Benji 4/7 5/7 2/7 6/7
Paris Hilton to wed Benji -/- -/- -/- -/-

Now here is the portion of my Ranking History that pertains to this topic:

Notice that on the 14th of May, 2008 – I ranked 65 with the Paris Hilton To Wed Benji article. Also note that I uploaded that article around 7 AM on the 14th. On the 15th of May I rose 1 spot, to 64. When I took the data on the evening of May 15, 2008 at about 8 PM – was rated 55 and that is recorded at being May 16, 2008


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