How To Get More Diggs

This morning it was brought to my attention that there is another blog article about How To Get More Diggs.  This one is entitled Think Again Before Submitting To Social Bookmarks by 

I have read Chris’s book, I’m still working on doing the things he said in his book, even though I am nowhere near done with doing all the things I should be doing… my sites have shown an increase in the rankings.  I can only imagine what those rankings will be when I am finished.
Kudos goes out to Ms. Badri for her insight.


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  1. John,

    It is important to note that most bloggers have tried submitting to social bookmarking sites, they didn’t get any Diggs, so they gave up.

    Here is their problem, it is just like submitting to search engines used to be 10 years ago. They submitted, didn’t get a top ranking so they gave up.

    What make bloggers think that it is any different today? What makes them think that submitting their own content and hoping that Digg users vote on their post? What makes these guys think that anyone will even see it?

    Do they think Diggers are just sitting waiting for you to post so they can Digg it? I will hazard a guess as to NO!

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