“Stop The Madness!”: Digg Buries Out of Hand!

The City Social Marketing Blog reported, in an article called “Digg Bucket Test: Does It Spell The End Of Digg?”, today:

On Digg there is a posting entitled “Google Steal Interface From Digg For Testing” and another called “You Can Now Edit Google Search Results”.  The second article is a follow-up to the first.  I’ve notice that the First Article has 3 buries.  The first bury occurred at 26 Diggs and the reason given was “Inaccurate”.  The 2nd Bury was at 104 Diggs and it was for the reason of “General Bury”.  The 3rd Bury was at 154 Diggs and for the reason of “General Bury”. The second article was not buried once.

Even though I would not call what Google is doing as a “Steal from Digg”, anymore than I call what Digg does as a “steal from others”, I feel that if Google’s version can stop these nonsensical buries by people for invalid reasons… then Google has 100% of my support.  It didn’t take much of a look at the first article to see that the post was an accurate report, and as far as General Buries… those are reasons given by mindless button clickers who simply want to squelch things we all hold dear like “The Freedom of Speech” and “The Freedom of Expression”.  I’m not even going into the rights being trampled on which concerns “The Freedom of the Press”. Digg really needs to rid themselves of the Bury Button for this proves that their good intent is being abused by it’s members in the worst way… and Google would be wise to heed the lesson before they set up another way for those who wish to only have their views shown takes hold.

It has been obvious, for quite some time now, that some Digg Users have abused the Digg Bury function freely — in fact they have buried many good articles simply because they had the option available.  The “Google Steal Interface From Digg For Testing” article is just another example of this abuse.  The first bury was given the excuse of “Inaccurate (Material)”, but upon reviewing the article and it’s sources, I’ve found that Google put out it’s own comments upon this Interface and others made the claim of it being a “Digg Interface“… therefore it could not possibly be inaccurate content.  If the Masters at Digg were as fair as they wish to make us believe, they would immediately remove that bury and penalize the person making the false claim.  The last two buries were smarter, they simply left it as a “General Bury”.  General Buries are simply someone saying “I have no reason to bury this, except for the fact I don’t like what it says.”  These also should be removed, if Digg was the site it claimed to be.  All these buries do is stifle our Freedom of Speech and serve to censor what news we receive.  Digg easily could make it’s users work to get a story buried or marked as Spam… instead they take the easy way out and “leave it up to the members”.  This is a sure way to ruin any group or forum for the honest posters will eventually tire of being abused in this way, the conspiracy nuts will create intricate conspiracies over it and spread their own misleading facts, and the only ones left will be the crowd who are too stupid to know they are being abused and the abusers themselves. Other systems went this route in the past, Digg is not immune to a mass exodus, or a Bury war.

Google seems to have their ducks in a row with their bucket testing of their new interface.  Their system only allows the person to edit what he or she sees, leaving others to edit their screens to suit them.

While looking at blogs I noticed two cool things from Razz muffin (http://razzmuffinblog.blogspot.com/), the first thing is called Diggteriorata.  I never laughed so hard in my life, since I have been a National Lampoon fan from way back. The other is an image on the site, apparently commenting upon the position of Digg with this cool, new Google Interface that is being tested.


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