Digg Uproar: Attack on Mr. Babyman and Blind Digging

It seems that Digg is facing more problems, this time it was a combination of complaints by a group of members who are focusing their attacks now on the topic of Mr. Babyman and Blind Digging.

In case anyone doesn’t know about Mr. Babyman, let me give you a brief Babyman Bio.

Mr. Baby joined Digg on the 27th of December, 2005. This means that he has been on Digg for approximately 2 Years, 8 Months and 18 Days (or for 992 Days) from the start date to the end date (with the end date included) – as of this writing. Mr. Babyman has acquired 357 friends and 11,223 fans in that amount of time (not including any friends or fans who have “unfriended” him over the years). In that amount of time, Mr. Babyman has made 107,105 Diggs and 2,055 Comments. He has submitted 10,399 Items and 2,858 were made “Popular”. His Popularity Ratio is 27%. Mr. Babyman has invited no friends to Digg and his profile had 270,884 views.

In a nutshell this means that:

1. Mr. Babyman has been on Digg for 992 days.
2. He has managed to give out 108 (rounded up from 107.9688) diggs per day.
3. He has submitted approximately 11 (rounded up from 10.4829) items per day.
4. He has commented on an average of 2 items per day (rounded down from 2.0716).
5. He has performed 182,559 Actions on Digg for an average of 184 actions/day (rounded down from 184.0313).
6. He had 2.88 submittals go popular each day.
7. 209.56 people visited his profile page every day.
8. He made 0.36 Friends per day
9. He gained 11.31 fans per day

That about sums up the facts about Mr. Babyman that we need to know. Questions about his personal life are not really a matter of importance here and the truth is… We really do not have the need to know. Alright, let’s analyze Mr. Babyman’s Stats to see if these stats are truly outrageous and worthy of the scrutiny that Mr. Babyman is going under these days. First let’s start with his Digg Count. Prior to starting the analysis, let’s settle an issue first. I am not going to calculate Mr. Babyman’s data on a 24 hour day, I am going to figure him on a 16 hour day. The reason is that I am taking out 8 hours per day for him to sleep, eat, shower and do a few other things that people do every day. I think this is a fair thing to do and one that most can agree upon, if they are fair and open minded. As far as work and travel is concerned, I am going to say that I am not going to take out hours per day for that stuff because many people have computer access at work and only Babyman knows how many hours a day he can waste at work while he is on the computer playing. The Babyman fans won’t like this, but neither will the Anti-Babyman types — so it’s a wash.

Diggs: Mr. Babyman has a whopping 107,105 diggs for 992 days on Digg. That averages out to approximately 108 Diggs per day. Taken a step further, this means Mr. Babyman averages approximately 6.7481 Diggs per hour or about 1 digg per every 8.8914 minutes (60 Minutes divided by 6.7481).

Let’s double-check this figure. If Babyman diggs 6.75 items per hour, over the course of a 16 hour day he will digg approximately 108 Diggs. If he diggs 107.9688 diggs per day, over the course of 992 days he will digg approximately 107,105 Diggs. The figures check out..

Submittals: Mr. Babyman submitted 10,399 items over a period of 992 days, This means he has submitted Mr. Babyman submitted 10,399 items, or approximately 10.4829 items/day to Digg. During a 16 hour day, Mr. Babyman submitted only 0.6552 items/hour to digg. This means Mr. Babyman submitted 1 digg every 1.5263 hours.

Let’s double-check this one. If Mr. Babyman submitted 1 dig every 1.5263 hours, that means in 16 hours he submitted approximately 10.4829 items (16 divided by 1.5263 hours). This checks.

Comments: Now I will discuss Mr. Babyman’s Comments. Mr. Babyman really has a bad track record when it comes to commenting, but I think he would not be upset over my saying this for he probably would be the first to agree with me on this point. His total number of comments is only 2,055 comments in 992 days. This means he only posted 2,0716 comments per day, or about 1 comment every 8 hours (more or less). That’s close enough for our purposes. I also do not think we need to double-check this because it’s so minimal that it’s practically insignificant.

Actions: If you total up the totals for Diggs, Comments and Submittals then you will get the total number of Actions for Mr. Babyman. Another figure you should add in are the number of shouts he has made and his profile activity. The Profile activity only shows 3 recent activities and I can only get about 40 of his shouts, dating back to December of 2007. I’ve dugg around his account pretty well and can’t get a number for his total shouts. They have how many shouts he received, but Digg doesn’t seem to show us how many he sent. So we can only go with what figures we have.

Mr. Babyman had 119,559 Diggs, Comments and Submitted Items. If we add the 3 recent profile changes and the 40 shouts I’ve found, this gives us a total of 119,602 Actions. Now Mr. Babyman has 357 friends, in order to get them he had to take the action of friending fans or becoming a fan of someone and have them friend him. Either way each of these 357 friends is an action. If we add that to our total, we get a new total of 119,959 Actions. After raking over his stats I feel confident that these are really all of the stats that I can get on him, as far as actions are concerned. If other people can verify more actions from a reliable source, then we can increase that number of actions… but I won’t accept anything that can’t be properly verified — even if Babyman himself said he must have made over 20,000 shouts over the past 3 years. If it isn’t written down (in this case “documented”), it never happened!

So that means that in 992 days, Mr. Babyman mad 119,959 actions — or an average of 120.9264 Actions per day (approximately 7.5579 actions per hour or 1 action every 7.9387 Minutes). Let’s recheck this one carefully, for it is a point some people might wish to land on pretty heavy. If Mr. Babyman performed 7.6 actions per hour, in one 16 hour day he would make 121.6 Actions (7.6 actions x 16 hours). This is more than the figure we came up with, but it should be because we rounded our actions per hour up to reflect Mr. Babyman doing more actions than he actually did. This checks out. Now if he made 121.0 actions per day for 992 days, his total actions would be 120,032. The number we are shooting for is 119,959, so once again our checks support the figures he gave for Babyman.

Let’s go onto this Blind Digging thing before I finish this blog post. Blind Digging is when a person simply “Diggs“, or votes, on items submitted to Digg without reading (or checking out) the items first. Actually one can say, and support, that Blind Digging is actually digging an item they know nothing about but “Digg” anyway.

Now stop and think about this for a second before I go on. Think about the fact that if you’ve read the article, heard it on the news or saw the item elsewhere — then why would you need to click onto the link to go see or read it again? It would be a huge waste of your time, the only real exception being for you to insure the item that is claimed to be at the page the link takes you to is actually what is on the page.

On the other hand if someone submits an item and in their description they say that the item is about late-term abortions and how some countries practice this.. you are digging the article for the content they state is on the site. Oh, if you go and see that the site is actually a porn site then you can always bury the item, but regardless of what is actually on the site – you would still have dugg the digg item for what the person said the site contained.

Putting that admittedly debatable item aside, there are many reasons why a person does not go to the page that the digg item would send you. Let’s check out some of the reasons why you don’t need to go read everything before you digg it.

The first reason is because you know the person, so to speak. You seen their submitted items enough to know that the things they submit are things that are not against the Digg TOS and usually things some diggers like. You really don’t need to see what these people submit to know this with a high degree of surety.

The second reason is because the person is a mutual friend and you are loyal to your friends – after all, they digg your stuff, so you digg theirs in return. This ties into the first reason where you can be relatively sure they are sticking to the TOS, or your own personal tastes.

A third reason is because the title of their submitted item and the description gives you enough information to know whether you like it or not. This falls into what I said first about digging what the Digg item says rather than what is actually on the site.

A fourth reason is that you are saturated by news and information all day long and already seen or heard what was submitted. You may, or may not, click on the link to inspect the page — but you don’t stay long enough to read any of the article or study the picture or video.

A fifth reason is that you have read the item somewhere else. Perhaps you have seen it on another social content site or received it email. This goes with reason number 4 and is only a more specific area of that reason.

The 6th reason, and perhaps the most important, is that “It’s your vote, your Digg. You and you alone have the sole right to digg what you want or not digg it”. Digg may put in stipulations or scripts to impede how many diggs you can give at a time, but even they don’t have the right to tell you what you like and don’t like… or what you digg or don’t digg.

These reasons can be argued over by people, and most probably someone will disagree with me… but that is their right. They can give out their diggs however they wish, I won’t try to stop them or say they are wrong — as long as they follow the same rules I do and those are the rules of Digg.

On a personal note I think differently than many of these people who have been attacking Babyman or pushing this “Blind Digging” idea. I wonder why a person with 2 or 3 years on Digg (and one who shows great concern about utilizing the Digg properly) would only have 50, 100 or even 300 Diggs total. I especially wonder about someone if they have stats that show abnormally low participation. Surely any person on digg can digg an average of one digg per day and 1 comment per month. If you go to the bother of logging onto the internet, then logging onto Digg, then surely you can find the time to digg an average of 7 posts in a week. This is especially true if the person is on a crusade against another Digger or an idea like “Blind Digging”. Instead of wasting the time in burying posts, bad-mouthing other members or trying to tell people how to handle their accounts… that time could be spent in “being social”. The bottom line of Digg is to be “Social” and it’s really not “Social” to come onto Digg and Digg 1 or 2 items, maybe make a comment and then leave for weeks or months — is it? I really don’t think so. I think that is about as social as going to a bar, getting a beer, gulping it down, and saying hi to someone as I walk out the door.

Oh well, different strokes for different folks. If someone wants to only digg 1 post a year then that is their option. However I personally think that anyone who isn’t embracing the Digg Experience more fully than digging only 1 post every 2 posts per month really has no standing to criticize anyone for “abusing the system”. Abuse is not only doing too much on digg, it’s also doing too little and not supporting the site more.

In conclusion, I have been a part of various forums on the net for years and I’ve seen a lot of garbage go on that simply goes against my grain. One thing that I have never cared for the signaling out of a person, whether I liked the person or not, and trying to belittle them with the agenda of driving them out of a forum open to the public. I also never agreed with unjustly trying to get a person banned because of unsubstantiated allegations. The other person has as much right to be in a forum as I do. A person can accuse another of anything, proving the allegations are often much harder to do.

As it sits now I would say Mr. Babyman is “Not Guilty” of any allegations made about him. No one has proven a single allegation made and it’s all conjecture. I can look at his figures and say “WOW, That’s unreal”. I can say, in all honesty, that Babyman is most likely guilty of blind digging, but that doesn’t mean what he has “blind dugg” was a violation of the Digg TOS or Basic Digg Etiquette in any way (see above). Mr. Babyman acknowledged that he has posted things that he found out others posted before him, but basically one can only find him guilty of ‘blind submitting” where he really doesn’t pay attention to what Digg calls possible duplicates. I don’t pay thorough attention to them either all the time. On the other hand to find him guilty of using bots and scripts is unfounded, although he has said that if he found out anything he does is found to be against the Digg rules that he would correct that. What he exactly meant by that can be open to interpretation. So there are things I could question Mr. Babyman on where it concerns how he does things, but that doesn’t mean that I could say he was guilty of doing illegal things on Digg.


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  2. […] Digg Uproar: Attack on Mr. Babyman and Blind Digging […]

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