Digg Uproar: Is the Digg Revolution underway?

The Digg Revolution: Fact or Fiction? Are Digg Users revolting in protest as a part of the Digg Uproar, or is Digg simply going through a transition period? Let’s re-cap some of the things that have been going on with Digg.

For months an attack against Mr. Babyman, Digg’s Number 1 Top User, have been a staple of Digg, but around the 14th of September a major attack against against him and it seemed to have forced his hand by having an online interview concerning these allegations made about him. Around the 15th of Septembers calls by some users of Digg for Mr. Babyman to be banned reached a fevered pitch.

On September 17th or 18th of 2008 Digg banned many of it’s members for TOS Violations without warning, several of the people banned seemed to be unfairly banned. One of these people was none other than the #3 Digg Top User – Zaibatsu. Many of the banned were snared for the use of scripts, but Zaibatsu did not seem to be one of them, at least 5 other Top 100 Users were banned along with him. In fact there is a list of the banned circulating that shows that about 1/2 of the users banned were in the Top 1000 Digg User list at Social Blade.

During the week of the 17th to the 24th, several members of Digg set out to push their “Blind Digging” agenda and one banned digger decided to post The Blind Digger Wall of Shame. “Blind Digging” has been an issue for awhile on Digg, but one of the things setting fire to the issue in September was the fact that around the 10th of September, Digg took steps to limit Blind Digging.

Digg seems to be on the attack against the top users and blind diggers, who actually were the main ones who made Digg the popular site it is today, while ignoring the most dangerous elements of Digg — The Digg Mafia and The Bury Brigades. The Digg Mafia, sometimes known as the Bury Brigade and other names, has been operating on Digg for months, if not years. Using my experience in the past with other sites, and what I have personally observed on and off Digg for months, the group of people is most likely not one group of tightly linked members who act out their Pinky and the Brain complex by trying to take over Digg.

Another thing recently noted on Digg is the infamous “Whoa there” screen that tells users that giving out so many diggs is lame and to try reading some of the articles. It’s obvious that Digg wants it’s people to comment more and possibly click through to the articles more (most likely reason is that Digg may get paid for page loads due to their advertising on those pages).

These are just a handful of the things going on over at Digg, but there are several things going on ‘Off-Digg” as well – if one actually bothers to open their eyes and look. Many Diggers are posting more on Mixx and other sites, some users are toying with starting their own “Digg-like” sites, Google is busy working on a social network that could possibly put an end to sites like Digg. Digg is busy circling it’s wagons, for sure, there isn’t any doubt about that despite Jay Adelson’s comment about not seeing a revolt. Digg is busy getting financing and cleaning up their system, while firming up their defenses and pulling a 1984 type propaganda campaign design to quell the unrest amongst their own members.

When one pays attention to Digg these days they cannot help but to notice people missing from Digg and the fact that people just are not digging as they once did. It seems that Digg has yet to learn that you cannot force people to do things they do not wish to do – not for very long anyway. If a person is not comfortable with making a lot of comments or digging, or they don’t want to waste their time going to items they already have seen a dozen times, they will rebel by leaving the site and finding another better suited to their needs. Yet Digg still is trying to force their members into a neat little mold.

So the question remains “Is the Digg Revolution underway?”. I don’t have the answer to that, all I can do is present my observations and allow you – the reader — to judge. Remember Revolutions do not start off with a bang, they start off with people becoming disgruntled with things first and most often that is heard in a sporadic fashion. By the time shots are fired, it’s too late – the time to try to avert the revolt has passed and people are ready to act.


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