Digg Uproar: Where have all the Top Users gone?

Over at Social News Central Mr. Babyman wrote a blog called “Digg’s Former Top Submitters: Where are they now?“. In the article Mr. Babyman makes the attempt to find out the answer to the question “Where have all the top users gone?“, but Andy isn’t content with reporting rumors and promoting hearsay – his objective is to get real information from the Banned Diggers themselves!

I think this is an excellent task to undertake and I commend Mr. Babyman for making the effort in finding these Lost Diggers, however I think that some Diggers would like to know where other Banned Diggers have went as well. The sad thing is that this project will be big enough if Mr. Babyman only sticks to the Top 1000 Digg users who left Digg for greener pastures. So I naturally figured:

Why not throw Babyman a bone!

I don’t mind giving the man a little assistance in his quest, but I also will make sure that anyone of the Top Users from Digg that sees this blog post knows that they should go to his article:

Digg’s Former Top Submitters: Where are they now?

in order to post their whereabouts on the net. In this way I feel that I am not trying to steal Mr. Babyman’s thunder… I am simply giving him a helping hand with a project I feel would be of interest to many Diggers and ex-Diggers out there.


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