Facebook Connect: The Facebook Connect/Digg Alliance

Facebook Connect and Digg, is there an alliance coming?

Today I ran across two articles that talked on the subject, that I would like to reference, they were:

Facebook Connect and The Insider Connect Facebook Friends


Face Connect

It seems that Facebook Connect has been in the works for months and although many out there knew about it… it wasn’t exactly big news to others. Today’s events surely will make some people’s heads spin, but before everyone jumps the gun let’s remember that Mark Zuckerberg said himself:

“When asked by Ryan Carson on stage at FOWA when Connect would arrive, Zuckerburg said: “We hope just as soon as possible. Some time in the next few months.”

So it’s a very good possibility that today’s launch was just the next step in the Beta testing and Connect won’t be available to us until well after Christmas. In the meantime we can go to Facebook and play with any new additions Facebook may add, go to “The Insider” and really study what Facebook Connect does and can do for you, and we have time to become familiar with it before it is released to the general public. Cool beans!

It is also apparent that Facebook has it’s eye on Digg, or to be more precise “Digg has it’s eye on Facebook”. Digg seems to have been doing a lot of strange things lately and perhaps the reasons why are becoming clearer with this latest news that is coming out of both Facebook and Digg. Digg knew for months that it needed to clean up it’s act, or be turned down from making the ‘big score’ again and again. It has been as busy as a beehive cleaning things up and that meant getting rid, or toning down, it’s top ranked members. It wanted to show that Digg truly is a place for everyone and anyone could achieve greatness on Digg. Hey, it sounds as good of an answer as anything else… doesn’t it? 🙂 I still maintained that Digg went about things in the wrong way, but at least this excuse gives them a reason for hitting the panic button and ‘overdoing’ it. (shrug)

Facebook has been quoted as having anywhere between 80 and 120 million members, Digg has approximately 4 million registered accounts (at the last estimate). It would be a huge boon to Digg if they could reach a portion of those Facebook Members and attract them to do. On the flip side of the record Digg really doesn’t do much for Facebook that Facebook couldn’t do for itself. Let’s say Facebook has 100 million people, if Facebook picked up the people to put in their own Digg-like site and found someone to properly run it… odds are that the majority of Facebook users would simply click the button or tab and utilize the new Facebook item. On the other hand many of these same users might not be so willing to ‘go offsite’ to Digg. This isn’t Digg’s problem, Digg (if it was smart) would not set their sites on these 100 Million Facebook users… they would maybe set their sites on reaching about 1 or 2 percent of them and here is why?

First thing is that recently one of the reasons for the bannings at Digg was the claim about the people wasting Digg’s valuable resources. This tells me that Digg, although it might have a ‘server farm’ to impress the Pope, isn’t as ‘vast’ as rumors indicated. They may be smaller than we have been lead to believe. If Digg could not handle 4 Million people using up resources willy-nilly and as they please… they certainly could not handle 10 to 100 Million more users in their present position. They would have to undergo a massive expansion, even if Facebook took some of the heat for them.

The second thing is the question of whether Facebook can handle the load, as it is today, and how much do they have to expand to accomodate Digg. Generally speaking, Facebook probably can easily handle the placement of Digg into their Facebook Connect, especially if the bulk of the load falls on the Digg system – instead of their own.

You may think “This guy knows nothing”, but before you convince yourself of this fact take a few minutes to consider that despite all of the misinformation, disinformation and hype out there… logic still applies. I freely admit that I am no networking guru or internet genius, however I am basically a logical person and I do know that you cannot add 100 million people to a server that can’t handle 4 million – it’s basic math, people.

I’ve also been around for quite awhile, in internet years, and I’ve seen a lot. One of the things I’ve seen, time and again, is whenever you have these huge social sites… the number of people in their membership are always inflated. You have people with multiple accounts, you have people who left the system and still are listed in the figures, there are many reasons for the inflated values given – but the biggest is that people love flashing big numbers around to impress others. Facebook may only have between 30 and 75 Million individual members, Diggs membership may only be in the tens or hundreds of thousands instead of the millions. This is still a lot of people, if you don’t believe me… try putting them all in your living room sometime. Facebook and Digg ought to know exactly how many members they have and they ought to be able to take a good guess as to how many actual members that equates. We only know the figures we are told, or can find out on our own. This affects our ability to give a good estimate of what is required by Facebook and Digg to pull this off.


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