Digg Uproar: Zombies and Digg Wars

Cruisining through the net this morning I found some pretty funny stuff concerning Digg. I’d like to share them.

The first thing I found was an article called “Can banned Digg friends come back to life” over at LewP’s Weblog. Lew asks the question about banned diggers returning. I gave Lew a quick answer, but will expand upon it here.

I make it no secret that I have been a part of various forums, as well as running various site, for over a decade on the net. A part of the knowledge I acquired over that time was that there are, at least, 3 methods of banning users from a forum. I’ve seen Digg use 2 methods, so I know they are not complete idiots when it comes to running a forum.

One method they used in the past was the simple banning of a Screen Name. They ban the account, but didn’t go the extra mile to try to ban the user by other methods.

The second method they used was either the banning of an account by IP or ‘other’ addresses assigned to a person’s internet account at the ISP level or at the computer level. I won’t get into this a great deal because for those who don’t know – they don’t need to know.

Since Digg already knows how to block certain people from getting onto Digg from an ISP, apparently, then it is reasonable to assume that anyone banned by Screen Name is permitted by Digg to return to the site and be an active part of it — just as long as they abide by the Digg TOU.

So onto the Digg Zombie Brigade, which was mentioned by LewP on his blog. Being a longtime admin of my own sites and one who worked with admins of other sites, I see nothing wrong with banned Diggers returning to Digg. This is backed by Digg’s own stance that they would like their Top Users to continue their support of Digg and their inference that banned Diggers like Zaibatsu and Supernova17 come back and help Digg out by doing ‘the Digg thing’. However how do you draw back Top Diggers who you stripped of their status? Does Digg think that these people will be willing to come back just to be banned again when they get too big for Digg? Who knows and that isn’t the real issue here.

The one things Digg might oppose is the calling of his “Return to Digg” as a game, but why should they really care… just as long as people behave and come back. Let the banned Diggers enjoy their game, it will only serve to entice more ex-Diggers to return to Digg. Digg could even make a statement about “Blind Digging”, “Using Bots and Scripts” and playing the game “on Digg”. As long as these Diggers keep the Digg Game to their own blogs and websites… Digg will only prosper by it.

To answer Lew’s question of “What’s wrong with coming back to Digg with a different user name?“, nothing is wrong with it. People join sites often under more than one name and they aren’t doing so only to troll. Sometimes they are returning members who’s accounts have expired (or they lost the password and no longer use that email address), so they start a new account with their current password. Other times they are people who were banned, but are allowed back on the system under the requirement that they change their ways. The reasons are numerous and not all of them are because someone is “gaming the system” or ‘abusing the system’.

As far as the game rules are concerned, I would make it a point of not exposing who you are on Digg. Play it cool, you can always enjoy the game ‘off-Digg’. You might set up a poll somewhere listing the old name of a Digger and 5 to 10 new Diggers… and let the people vote on it. The vote doesn’t mean they are right or wrong, it only tells what others think… that is “It’s an Opinion”. Another thing that could be done is say something like “30% of the Diggers replied with the right answer of who I am (or who a certain Digger is)”. Once again, this is opinion and you’re not confirming or denying anything. When a person neither confirms or denies something, it drives people nuts when they realize what you are doing. Digg is run by people, so when following this line of thought to it’s final conclusion… :)”. Yeah, I am a bit experienced with ‘screwing with people’. lol

As far as a secret password, once again you don’t want to telegraph your punch. In a comment you might make a comment that anyone who knows you knows that is something you normally say. You might work a “Zombie” related word into something and since this is halloween season… who is to say that you simply are not a person who likes Zombies and Ghosties? There’s a million things you could do to get the point across, including the relatively harmless shout requesting a digg for an item. The imagination knows no bounds. 🙂

Two other things I’d like to show, because I think they are funny:

Zombies walk the earth

Digg Wars

People are so inventive on the net, things like this make my day.


2 Responses

  1. Excellent article Ashmadai! I really enjoyed your take on my Digg questions, and I happen to agree with you about Digg in that there should be no problem coming back to Digg as a Zombie. As a matter of fact, we have sort of started a game on another site of trying to guess my new identity on Digg.


    In the grand scheme of things, playing with Digg is so much fun. See you on there!

  2. Now we also have to face the possibility that those people at Digg are not as logical and reasonable as most others are. LoL I still stand on my view that there is nothing wrong with zombies on Digg, but will Digg agree is the question?

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