SocialBlade – Social Media Community Forums

When put to the test I can’t rightly remember when the first time I visited the SocialBlade site, but I do know I have made a minimum of one visit per day ever since. It’s a pretty cool site. When I heard that SocialBlade put up a Social Media Community Forums message board, I immediately went to ‘check it out’. Upon reviewing it I could not help but to think, “Cool! Finally someone made the effort to fill the void that Digg seemed to refuse to fill”. The SocialBlade site was not content with only supplying a message board for Digg Members to interact… they went the whole 9 yards to try to cover all other social media sites. They went as far as even giving a link to the Mixx Message Board for the convenience of the SocialBlade Users, apparently not wishing to compete with what Mixx was trying to accomplish. Now how cool is that?

On, or about, the 17th of February I gave some input for the Diggopolis Blog on the matter for an article called “SocialBlade – Social Media Community Forums” and I won’t try to compete with that article. I will, however, follow the lead and post a short article about the SocialBlade site to help make Diggers, Mixxers, Stumblers, et al. aware of the New Message Board over at SocialBlade for the purpose of trying to attract more users to it. Now why would I do such a thing as this? Simple, it’s because I feel that First Digg/Urgo is doing a great service and he deserves the support. Jason has always been supportive of me and other Diggers in the past, it’s time to try to return the favor.

Despite the impressions I may give, I am not Anti-Digg. In the past Digg has made me feel a bit “Let Down” by their antics and they seem (at times) to not have a desire to live up to their full potential as a Social Media/Social Bookmarking site. Tens of thousands to Millions of people love Digg and make it their ‘online home’, but Digg is lacking in some ways. SocialBlade helps fill some of those voids by giving the Digger a place to go and interact in a manner easier than one can do on Digg.

So Kudos to Jason and the people at SocialBlade for their time and efforts. I wish you well with this message board and within a couple of months maybe the word will get out as it should and people will flock to your site.


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