I went to Beverly Kidd’s blog this morning and read her latest post. The article was called “Help From My Friends” and was an update for her diet. In the article Bev said, “Well, its been a month since I stepped on the scale, so I thought I would update you on my progress. In a word. Slow. Depending on which scale I use, I’ve lost 3-5 pounds. Not too bad, but I’m not in bathing suit shape yet, and it will be summer before we know it.” This gave me a smile and an idea for a blog post.

To get everyone up to speed… Bev is the evening news anchor at news channel 3 in the evenings. Ms. Kidd has been in the Phoenix area since 2001 and spent the 10 years prior to that at a news station in Virginia. Beverly is a pretty 40 year-old mother of two who is into Health and Fitness. In her copious free time between parenting and career, Bev enjoys playing the drums, sometimes she can be seen at the local Phoenix establishments pounding away like a pro on the skins.

In the comments section of her post, Beverly stated “…and thank you for the nice comments:) I’m so looking forward to feeling “proud” in a swimsuit again.”

I will not attempt to guess Ms. Kidd’s height and weight for numerous reasons, the first being that I’ve never seen her standing near someone (or something) that I knew how tall it was – the other is because I wouldn’t want to make Bev feel insulted or bad because of my misjudgment. Anyone interested in what Ms. Kidd looks like can probably find a few pictures of her on the net.

What I will say is that I, personally, do not see what Bev would have to be ashamed over and I’ll leave it at that.

Personal Belief

My personal belief about how a person looks is simple enough for as long as they are happy with themselves then it doesn’t matter to me whether they look like Zelda Rubenstein or Marilyn Monroe. In this life there are enough things to he unhappy over that looks and appearance are trivial things, besides I have learned through out my life that not everyone views beauty in the same way. In fact I sometimes found myself to not hold the same requirements to judge things as beautiful or ugly, too thin/heavy or just right, etc. Sometimes my judgments alter because of the way I feel or other factors, such as the lighting or place. This may sound strange, but it’s true enough.

I also have learned a long time ago that I can usually find something attractive or repulsive in anyone. Well, repulsive might be too strong of a word to use, but I’ll stick with it for the sake of showing the distinction between extremes.

The bottom line is that in life people have to be happy with themselves in order to have a happy life. It doesn’t really matter whether anyone else agrees or not, just as long as they are happy with who and what they are.
Apparent Contradictions

Even though I realize the happiness of the person depends on their personal views of themselves, I still will have my own opinions. In the past I have been told that I contradict my beliefs in how people look with the opinions I spew from time to time. I’ve learned to agree that there may be contradictions between belief and opinion, but it’s a moot point because I never tell people their appearance has to suit my tastes and what I say is merely opinion to accept or blow off as the person wishes. Nice way to cover a personal hypocrisy, eh?

Don’t worry, many others don’t buy it as an excuse either, but the fact is that I am human like everyone else and as long as my hypocrisies are over unimportant things and don’t hurt anyone then I have other things more important to worry over. Not buying that one either? Drat!

Why Write This Blog?

Over the years I noticed that people, especially women, get pretty darn critical over their appearance. The most common concern seems to be weight, but other concerns can include just about any part of their body. It always fascinated me as to why a person gets so critical and Bev’s article caused the interest over this to come to the forefront once again.

I’ve pretty much decided that the reason why a person becomes critical of the way they look is due to them seeing themselves everyday and they begin to see things about them that they consider as ‘faults’. Once the idea is implanted in their heads, the idea festers and grows. A person may think they have put on a few pounds and it becomes an obsession to lose that weight, meanwhile the people around them may think they look just fine. It’s all perception of the one judging.


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